Discover a New Conversation About Sex and Sexuality that's Healthy and Life-Giving.
Inside and outside the church people struggle with having healthy and meaningful conversations about sex, sexuality, porn, and masturbation. But why? Shouldn't we entertain these conversations and pursue them in the interest of our overall sexual health?

Join us for this candid and fresh conversation on matters many avoid out of discomfort. This interactive online experience will challenge and inspire you leaving you better prepared for these discussions within your friendships, churches, marriages, and families.
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Want to Bring Shameless to Your Church?
Let's Talk About Sex
We don’t talk about sex nearly enough in church, our small groups, homes, and within our marriages. Consequently, many lack a healthy understanding of sex as a whole and therefore feel very ill prepared to tackle conversations about sex, porn, and masturbation.

Learn how to engage in these difficult conversations without hurting feelings, starting arguments, inducing shame, or creating tension and judgment.
Carl Thomas
Carl is a reformed pornography addict who in 2019 launched Live Free Ministries and created the Live Free Community App to provide a safe and supportive community for men who hunger for real freedom. He also launched Live Free Wives, a free support community for spouses.

Carl is an ordained pastor, author of When Shame Gets Real, certified Neuro Health Coach, and the CEO of His passion for helping individuals find freedom, peace, and purpose is only matched by his New Jersey directness, love for family, devotion to Philadelphia sports teams, and infatuation with his white Jeep Wrangler.
Mike Rosado
Lead Pastor of Fervent Church
Pastor Mike is an ordained minister of the Christian and Missionary Alliance and Founding Pastor of Fervent Church, a multisite church located in South Jersey.  Along with his team, he has led 3 church acquisitions in order to see those ministries revitalized.  Mike also coaches leaders, pastors, and church teams through the C&MA to reach newer heights.

Pastor Mike's humor and realness creates space for people to be themselves as they discover the life God has for them. He has a passion to see people get to the bottom of things in their lives and to deal with the things that holds them back. He's also a NY Jets fan but he's not that proud of that.

12:00 PM
Session 1: Ground Rules
In this first session we talk about the need to have healthy sexual conversations and establish some parameters for those talks by answering the questions:

  • What is the true purpose of sex?
  • What is porn, and why is it problematic?
  • What is the issue with masturbation
12:20 PM
Breakout Discussion
12:40 PM
Session 2: Conversations with Friends
In this session we dive into the dos and don'ts of having these conversations with friends and within your church. Topics discussed include:

  • Who can or should I talk to about my sexual struggles and challenges?
  • What should these conversations look like?
  • What if your transparency isn't welcomed?
  • What if disagreements arise?
  • What can you do if conversations take a turn for the worse?
12:55 PM
Breakout Discussion
1:15 PM

Session 3: Conversations with Your Spouse
In this third session we tackle the challenges of having sexually related discussions with your spouse when there may be frustrations or even wrongdoing. Questions we tackle include:

  • Why do so many couples struggle with discussing these topics?
  • What are some common questions and challenges couples face?
  • What should one do if there is betrayal present in the marriage?
  • What are some best practices couples should observe when discussing their sex lives with each other?
1:30 PM
Breakout Discussion
1:50 PM
Session 4: Conversations with Your Kids
In this final session we look at the challenges facing parents when it comes to discussing sex, sexuality, porn, and masturbation with their children. Some of the issues we address include:

  • How can I talk to my kids without exposing them?
  • At what age should I start talking to my kids about sex and porn, etc.?
  • How can a parent be their child's best resource?
  • What can I do if my child comes to me with something shocking?
  • What if my children don't listen to my advice?
  • What do I do if I have made my own sexual mistakes?
2:15 PM
Breakout Discussion
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